What is responsive design? Why does UX in web design matter?

What is responsive design? Why does UX in web design matter?

Your customer might access your website from their tablets, game devices, Kindles, or smartphones. How can your business be assured that the customer is seeing your website at its best, regardless of the screen size, device type, operating system, browser choice, or orientation? Responsive web design for your Ottawa website is the best practice that allows your site to adapt to an iPad or Fire Tablet without disrupting the user’s experience.

Considering that almost 50% of all searches are from mobile devices, you can’t afford to have a website that only looks good on a desktop. Professional web design today encompasses code that directs your website to adjust to the user’s device, and it is critical to your website’s success.


Responsive web design is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind when designing your website. Developers have been working for years on code to make it easier to program a website to be responsive to many different types of devices. The foundation for responsive web design lays in HTML and CSS, the languages that control how your website looks.

While WordPress often includes responsive web design in its templates, if you are using a different content management system, you may need to check that your site is responsive across devices. Work with established and experienced website companies in Ottawa who can help you make sure your site has the best responsive design to attract and engage your customers.

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UX stands for user experience. Search engines want to make sure the user has a good experience when browsing the web. This includes multiple features: from the speed the web page loads as to whether the content on a website meets the user’s intent.

UX directly relates to a customer’s ultimate goal of achieving their browsing goal – whether that is making a purchase, downloading a resource, making contact with a company, or something else. When your website responds to the customer, you take that customer through a buying journey, which meets your goals. Poor quality UX will turn customers off your site and drive them to your competition.

Make responsive web design part of your digital marketing strategy for your Ottawa business. Contact our team to get started.

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